July 7, 2017

The Aztec UltraGrind Propane Concrete Grinder and Polisher

The Aztec UltraGrind concrete floor grinder and polisherThe Aztec UtraGrind propane concrete grinder and polisher is a propane-powered, easy to use, rugged concrete grinder and polisher that dramatically increases efficiency by eliminating clumsy power extension cords and supplemental power generators.

The UltraGrind is a 30” grinding machine, and can be ground wet or dry. The dry has two vacuum ports on either side of the machine. For wet grinding the UltraGrind has an 8 gallon wet tank with a valve on the side to adjust your water flow.

The Aztec UltraGrind runs a 20 HP Kawasaki engine and comes with an easy to use transport wheel for moving the unit from one location to another.

Perhaps the most exciting feature about the unit is that it is all propane powered. So there is no need to have a special power supply to run the equipment.

The UltraGrind weighs about 800 lbs., with water the machine comes in at about 900 lbs of head weight. That’s about 65 lbs per diamond, per machine.

The throttle is conveniently located in the rear of the machine for easy access to adjust speeds allowing the operator to adjust how quick the head rotates. For example, when cutting with metal-bond diamonds the operator can run the machine at a slower clip. And cut at full throttle when cutting with resin bond diamonds.

The UltraGrind features a convenient telescopic handle that you can set and adjust to each individual operator. The smaller operator can stand close to the unit while the taller operator is able to stand back from the machine.

There is a key operated on-off switch and also has a special kill switch that attaches to the operator. If there is an unexpected event, the operator can pull away from the machine and the unit will automatically shut down.

For professional, highly polished concrete floors choose the The Aztec UltraGrind Propane Concrete Grinder and Polisher. The Aztec UltraGrind is part of the WorkSmartTM system featuring products for all your concrete grinding and polishing needs.

Aztec is a family-owned USA manufacturer of concrete polishing and resurfacing machines.

All Aztec equipment is proudly made in the USA, with CE, EPA, CARB, LEED and GS-42 certifications.

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The Aztec UltraGrind  Propane Concrete Grinder and Polisher